‘SufferNama’ – A romantic comedy drama set during the early pandemic madness


After BFFs and Clickbait, Imagine Nation Pictures has announced their third web-series, ‘Suffernama’. As with every project they come out with, Suffernama is a different genre entirely. This is their first romantic comedy, with a dash of drama. Both Clickbait and BFFs are available on Amazon Prime.

Other than the usual posters and trailer, Imagine Nation Pictures released a music video as part of their campaign for the first time. The music is a blend of light and sombre moods with visuals that jump between scenes from the series that were shot in Turkey and of the singer, Arsalan Hasan, in Pakistan.

The track “Awaz” is an original piece by Hasan. The official trailer had a colourful energy to it and showed some well-known faces (Ismat Zaidi) among new ones.

Set in the beautiful city of Istanbul, Suffernama narrates the story of a young woman named Nazia, who travels abroad during the pandemic for the very first time. Due to unforeseen circumstances that take place because of the new travel laws during the pandemic, she gets stuck in a country where she knows absolutely no one.

Without dishing out any spoilers, the story continues with Nazia trying to contact her friend, once she’s snuck out of the airport. Her friend mentions a cousin she has who resides in Istanbul and urges her to get in touch with him.

Convinced he might be able to help her out with her situation, she tries to reach out to him but before she can, she finds herself in hot waters once again. Nazia feels more terrified and more alone than she was before, wandering the streets of Istanbul. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, strong enough to keep the viewers hooked.

The use of the fourth-wall breaking technique makes the experience more intimate with the audience every time Nazia shifts away from her world, and turns to the camera. The screenplay is fast-paced and doesn’t allow the viewers to stay stuck on something for too long, without feeling rushed.

This is also the first time team Imagine Nation pictures has collaborated with director Wajid Raza and writer Asher Naeem for the project. The writer and director did a good job of merging comedy with drama and what churns out is a well balanced first episode. The actors do a decent job on screen and compliment the overall tone of the series.

The first episode of the series premiered on the 28th of January, 2022 on Imagine Nation Pictures’ YouTube channel.

Imagine Nation Pictures (IN) is a joint venture by four filmmakers namely Sami Rehman, Rida Zahra, Ghania Asad, and Sidrah Jamil. IN was formed in the hopes of further exploring the web series market in Pakistan and later dabbling into films and other media. IN’s goal is to present a range of different genres and exciting content that would inspire the Pakistani youth.

SufferNama consists of a total of four episodes. Each episode will be released on Friday, weekly.


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