‘I didn’t mean to say I don’t do house chores’ Nadia Hussain


Nadia Hussain gave clarification on her previous statement related to responsibilities of women after marriage.

Nadia appeared in ARY News’ special cricket show where she once again talked about her responsibility as a wife.

“A lot of people talked about my previous statement on responsibilities a woman carry after marriage. I didn’t mean to say that I don’t do house chores and my husband’s work. I meant to say that women shouldn’t be forced to do that,” she said.

“I do all my house work but without any pressure. If somebody forces me, then I prefer not to do it and that is what I meant to say earlier,” she explained.

Remember, in another show on same tv channel, Nadia was quoted saying that a man is not always a responsibility of a woman.

“He is my husband, not my child that I keep on taking care of him. Expecting a woman to come back home after work and serve her husband is totally wrong. See, there must be coordination between husband and wife. We can work together and support each other. Why always expect one-sided care from a woman,” she spoke alongside her husband in the show.

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