As always, we got to witness some heartfelt stories and phenomenal performances on our TV screens this year as well. Our industry is also making colossal efforts towards spreading awareness among the masses, by exploring sensitive topics in drama serials. Hence, we not only get a regular dose of entertainment, but we also see our actors addressing social issues and taboo topics through their excellent performances.

It isn’t easy picking out the best from the rest, as the majority of serials produced have something outstanding to offer. But some really stood out, and here’s the lowdown on it.


It is really admirable how our industry is straying away from always portraying female characters as damsels-in-distress, and Khaani is a remarkable example of breaking stereotypes. Directed by Anjum Shehzad, it is a story of an ordinary girl’s constant struggle for justice against a spoilt politician’s son who happens to murder her brother over something petty. The actors, Sana Javed and Feroze Khan, have showed extremely convincing performances, that you will find yourself despising the actor as Mir Hadi with all your might. Moreover, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan breathes life into the OST, making it one of the top shows of the year.

Suno Chanda

A visual treat for everyone trying to cope with fasting during Ramadan, Suno Chanda was the perfect dose of entertainment for all. It highlights this adorable banter between two cousins, played by Iqra Aziz and Farhan Saeed, who are poles apart but are bound together by an unexpected marriage to please their dying grandfather. A family play with the perfect amount of laughter and soppy scenes, cleverly focused on the importance of consent in marriage. Our directors often try their hand at rom-coms, but the output is barely as lovely as this serial.

Meri Guriya

Inspired by the heart-wrenching true story that got international recognition, Meri Guriya explores taboo topics that society often neglects, and just doesn’t want to acknowledge. It shed light on paedophilia and child sexual abuse resulting in murder, while keeping the focus on the sick mentality of a child molester. Mohsin Abbas Haider gave the performance of his lifetime by completely blending into this role, such that the viewers would literally seethe at the sight of him onscreen. Additionally, powerful performances by Sania Saeed, Sajid Hassan, and Sonya Hussyn, also made the play a must-watch for all.

Dil Mom Ka Diya

Neelam Muneer always does wonders with her acting, and this play was no exception. Ulfat and Afzal stress upon a couple’s differences when ego and arrogance roll in. Yasir Nawaz plays the role of an understanding, affectionate husband so well, while Imran Ashraf also chimes in with his unique spark. Directed by Shahid Shahfat, the story kept everyone hooked till the last episode and left everyone fully satisfied with the ending.

Ishq Tamasha

This drama serial shows a powerful story revolving around five individuals, who are tangled in a web of complex problems. Aiman Khan and Junaid Khan’s chemistry was loved by all, while they were deeply engrossed in how the plot rolls out for each of the cast members. Directed by Danish Nawaz, this dramatic play made sure to incorporate the right amount of plot twists to keep everyone hooked.

Aisi Hai Tanhai

A fierce tale of slut-shaming and cyber bullying is something our industry desperately needed, and this show checked all the right boxes. It took a realistic approach to how social media can ruin a woman’s life in our society, if misinterpreted or misused by others. Sonya Hussyn and Sami Khan gave stellar performances, while trying to eradicate sexist stigmas that still prevail in our patriarchal society.

Moreover, there are shows currently on air like Balaa and Koi Chaand Rakh that deserve honourable mentions in this list. And additionally, Aakhri Station, Tabeer, Belapur Ki Dayan, and Khaamoshi also explored unique genres this year. Being said that, expectations are on the rise for 2019. But it looks like shows like Aangan and Alif have already nailed the formula for success, and will prove to be bigger hits than this year’s shows.


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