One would think it is all rainbows and sunshine for the creators of The Legend of Maula Jatt after the grand release of its trailer the other day. But the film, amidst all the praise, constantly keeps falling into the chaos of copyright issues. The matters had tranquilized earlier, but the trailer launch has given rise to new claims of copyright violations by Sarwar Bhatti, the producer of Maula Jatt (1979), and his team.

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Taking to Facebook, Bhatti’s son Mohammad Muttaqi expressed his disdain and claimed how Bilal Lashari and his team are clearly violating rules set by the court of law, as they are using the name Maula Jatt in the title of their movie. However, the IPO tribunal had earlier clarified how Lashari isn’t violating any rules, as their title is allowed to have a name with words attached to Maula Jatt.

Following these grave allegations, The Legend of Maula Jatt’s producer Ammara Hikmat has filed a complaint against Bhatti for committing online defamation through cyber stalking and incitement. In a press release regarding this matter, it was pointed out how films with titles like Maula Jatt Te Noori Natt, Maula Jatt in London, and Shagird Maula Jatt Da have been produced earlier, and no copyright issues were raised.

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Moreover, Muttaqi also asserted on issues over content, saying the characters, style, and dialogues of the movie bore resemblance to the original one. Regarding this, the creators stated that Nasir Adib created the original characters for Wehshi Jatt (1975), way before Maula Jatt (1979). Adib has reprised his role as the screenwriter for The Legend of Maula Jatt, and it is not violating any terms as he, himself, holds all rights over the characters.

The producer also revealed how, apparently, it is a game involving money, as Bhatti demands an outrageous amount of 25 Crores, just for the usage of the title. In addition to this, he also desires producer’s credit in the film, and wants to distribute the film through his company, Bahoo Corporation, along with a huge share in the revenue.

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After consequently failing to create major hindrances in the release of the film, Bhatti has challenged the court’s order, and has advisedly started a campaign against the film. Only time will tell if the parties settle their differences in time, while the film is evidently on its way to make it big, globally.


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