Once again, Samina Peerzada has managed to make someone as private as Sanam Saeed, open up on intimate details about her life. Her talk show, Speak Your Heart with Samina Peerzada, sets the ambience where you’d want to spill the beans pleasantly.

Bagging a massive hit like Cake couldn’t have been easy, but Saeed does it so effortlessly that she has become a bankable household name in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Born in London and raised by a teacher as a mother and an interior designer father, the starlet was always close to her family. My home, my family space is my security blanket,” she says. So, at times when it feels like everything’s blowing up in the face, how does she cope? We’ll find out.

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Saeed feels like the credit for her poised and collected demeanour goes to her upbringing. Having quite an adventurous childhood, and living in a household with a balance between religion and liberalism, it surely shapes up your personality for the better. “I think our parents made sure that we were very secure as human beings. Since there’s no insecurity, there’s no competition. Therefore, I am very content with what I have and who I am as a person,” she said.

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Moving forward, she talked about how despite never being the popular, good-looking kid, she always felt like she was destined to perform. I always wanted to perform, I knew I was always going to act,” she gushed.

When pressed upon what went down in her personal and emotional life recently, Saeed revealed how much the death of her mother affected her, and her personal relationships last year. Her marriage with her childhood friend Farhan Hasan didn’t last long because she couldn’t manage all aspects of her life in a balance, and didn’t want the person in question to be affected because of it.

“I think I couldn’t balance my marriage and my mother’s deteriorating health,” she lamented. “I realised it was unfair to my husband to have my divided attention. I understood he deserved better and should go for that. He deserved the attention of a partner, not another headache and I didn’t want to share my time with anyone else but my mother. So, when I finally gave up, I had a sense of relief.”

Furthermore, she also emphasised how hard it is for someone to be married to an actor, for men and women both. Being the eldest sibling, Saeed feels like it comes easy for her to always have a sense of responsibility and be emotionally sound. Nevertheless, she is nothing less than an inspirational figure for everyone who dreams of following their heart and standing strong, without paying heed to social stigmas. And we wholeheartedly believe this step will only morph into a blooming future for Saeed.


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