The ambience was totally lit at Deepak Perwani’s Diwali bash on this Friday night and our local celebrities surely do know how to show up in style. The night was full of legendary personalities having the time of their lives, with an endless number of firecrackers and fireworks to literally turn it into a legit festival of lights.

This star-studded affair included eminent names like Mahira Khan, Nomi Ansari, Sadaf Kanwal, Ayesha Omar, Sonya Hussyn, Wasim Akram, Shaniera Akram, Amna Ilyas, Sarwat Gilani, Zhaley Sarhadi, Feroze Khan, and many others. Donned in festive attire, the ladies of showbiz all glowed in designer saaris and lehngas, while the men looked chic in kurtas and mod eastern wear. All in all, everyone seemed to be in a jovial spirit to celebrate this auspicious festival.

But hey, what do we have here? Soon after the highlights from this golden event ended up on Instagram, people started expressing their (mostly unpleasant) views and rest assured, they sound super mad!

The fans firmly believe our Muslim celebrities should have refrained from attending, let alone celebrating a Hindu festival, and they aren’t afraid to express their anger.

Our celebrities were constantly blamed for promoting Indian culture, and people didn’t shy away from using hateful words.

Some even went as far as calling them senseless and worthless.

They were heavily criticised, and all had their own reasons to do so.

It was all a swarm of infinite hostility!

Their hate knowing no bounds, just added to the spiteful comments.

Amongst all the flock of haters, there were a few who felt supportive of the event and the celebrities attending it, and weren’t afraid of voicing their allegiance.

However, this shindig is bound to go down in one of the most happening nights of this year. Let us know your thoughts!


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