Seeing Hira Mani for the first time, you can easily say she is one of the most charming personalities you will ever come across. She looks like she is born with the power to light up an entire room with her presence and charisma. Mesmerised by her existence, we at sat down with her to catch up on what’s upcoming in her life, and ahem, the interview everyone is talking about.

Mani’s recent heart-to-heart with Samina Peerzada was under fire for her gutsy love-story, and she believes she needs to set the record straight. “What I did was wrong, and I admitted it. Most people think she was my best friend, but she was not. I said no such thing,” she revealed, implying how they weren’t close friends.

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Appearing unconcerned, she expressed how she doesn’t waste time thinking about negativity. “If you read the comments about that interview, you will see how much people have appreciated me,” she said. “I am enjoying their comments a lot, because now they know how I am. Not fake or unreal. I consider it a huge success, being able to change people’s perceptions about me,” she further added, feeling she owes all credit to Mrs. Peerzada for giving her a chance to confess something so personal.

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Looking at her, you would barely find another wife who is as devoted to her man. “I would go to any lengths for Mani,” she gushed. “If I hadn’t married Mani, I would’ve definitely gotten divorced five-six times, that’s the kind of person I am.” Often being told that she made a name in the industry solely because of her husband, Hira feels that isn’t entirely true. “Mani surely introduced me to this field, but I have proven my worth with my work. I am successful based on my talent, and efforts,” she explained.

We will soon be seeing her in the highly anticipated, multi-starrer TV play Aangan, and she was raving about it. It’s a lovely character, and an even beautiful script. It will definitely leave a trademark and break the taboo,” she said. Speaking of her upcoming projects, she mentioned a lovely serial called Aseer-e-Mohabbat. “Reading the script [of Aseer-e-Mohabbat] gave off Hum Dil De Chukay Sanam vibes, and I loved it,” she said, adding how she is a huge fan of the film.

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Who wouldn’t love to have the kind of confidence she oozes? “Even if go to Ellen or Oprah, I would still remain the same. I cannot lie unabashedly. That’s what Hira Mani is,” she exclaimed. And that’s exactly the Hira Mani we love and adore!


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