While having a huge following on social media is generally considered a major feat for any celebrity or public figure, not a lot of people see it that way. Recent case in point has been veteran model and actor Vaneeza Ahmed, who made an appearance on Naumaan Ijaz’s talk show G Sarkar and shared her disdain over celebrities who aren’t doing anything meaningful with their social media presence.

“Do you think we’re the kind of people who’d take selfies all the time? I think it’s a hassle to document what you’re eating, what you’re drinking, and what you’re doing. Yesterday only I saw this actor having 12 million followers, I can’t recall the name right now,” she said, to which Nauman Ijaz reminded her that it must have been Ayeza Khan.

“I went to her profile to see what big achievements she has to have that kind of a following. Just pictures of that woman, nothing else. Where is your contribution, that’s what matters. So, what if you have 12 million followers?” she said.

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She also went on to share how she didn’t understand the purpose of sharing luxury lifestyles on Instagram and flaunting the latest extravagant purchase. “I also don’t understand the point of posting pictures of first-class flights, fancy cars and lavish vacations by people in general,” she said.

Vaneeza’s own social media presence is pretty inactive, to the point where the model does not even remember the number of followers she has. According to Vaneeza, her Instagram is run by her niece and on occasion, she herself shares a quote or something relatable to her that she wants her audience to resonate with.

What are your thoughts of celebrities and their larger than life social media presences? Share your thoughts with us.


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