Actor and musician Ahmed Ali Butt recently appeared in an interview where he talked about short videos on platforms like TikTok and YouTube. He didn’t see a big future for TikTok, even though people seem to like it.

Ahmed said that nowadays, almost anything can become popular online. He mentioned that people use phones a lot and will watch different kinds of content, whether it’s controversial or high-quality. He acknowledged that even if we don’t like it, TikTok is still popular with a lot of viewers.

He compared TikTok stars who might want to become actors to the professionals in Pakistani movies and TV. He said that making short videos might get you followers, but it’s not enough to act in longer TV dramas. Ahmed explained that the work approach is different between making quick videos and being an actor, and not everyone is cut out for both.

Ahmed also talked about how short videos can make people always chase what’s trendy. He said serious actors who see acting as a full-time job will always be around, while trend-followers might switch to the next popular thing.

Another actor, Fahad Mustafa, spoke out against creators who use their families to get attention online. He said that many people are sharing their family lives just for views and it’s not real content.

Both Ahmed and Fahad shared their thoughts on how the world of short videos and content creation is changing, with some people focusing on trends while others stick to their craft more seriously.

Watch the interview below:


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