The trend of Indian musicians borrowing from Pakistani artists continues, and this time, it’s Omer Nadeem stepping up to address the issue. His 14-year-old song “Aye Khuda” allegedly became the basis for T-Series’ recently released “Sun Zara,” featuring vocals by Sonu Nigam.

What’s particularly concerning is the absence of any credit to Omer Nadeem or his record label in the credits of “Sun Zara.”

Taking to Instagram, Nadeem expressed his disappointment in a recent post, emphasizing the lack of acknowledgment for the original track. While acknowledging being a fan of Sonu Nigam, Nadeem pointed out the substantial disparity between the two versions and highlighted the absence of credit in a classy yet assertive manner.

The music video for “Sun Zara” has gained immense traction, amassing 1.3 million views in just three days, nearly tripling the viewership of Nadeem’s original song from 2009.

This trend of Bollywood drawing from Pakistani artists’ work without acknowledgment raises concerns about the lack of repercussions and the potential overshadowing of the original creations.

Hopefully, this incident prompts Sonu Nigam and T-Series to acknowledge and credit the artists behind the original composition, bringing attention to the importance of respecting and recognizing creative work in the music industry.


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