Hold your horses, as hopes are still up for veteran actor Abid Ali to get better. The actor is currently critically ill, as revealed by his daughters, but apparently, news broke out that the actor had passed away. Mainstream media houses like HUM TV, Channel 92, ARY News, GTV, and others all reported about the actor’s supposed demise.

Having said that, DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor also shed light on the circumstances in his recent press conference. Being close to Mr. Ali, he felt the need to point out how news is being spread without thorough research and advised everyone to do a clear fact check before publishing any piece.

“I keep a close check on showbiz news and Abid Ali is very dear to me. Just last night, I saw that [mainstream media] announced that he had passed away. May Allah grant him health and prosperity, but kindly get the facts straight and then proceed with posting. Somebody wrote about [his death] and condolences started pouring in, and now they’re apologising,” he said.

Likewise, the actor’s sister also weighed in on the matter and in a voice note, she severely condemned the act of spreading false news about her brother.

“This news that all the channels are showing, copying each other without any research on their part and circulating this ridiculous unverified information to the public, is wrong. This is absolutely wrong! They should be ashamed of themselves and they should be punished for it,” she said.

“Abid Ali is alive. Yes, he is unwell and yes, his condition is critical, but he is still alive and may he get better. Who are these people to declare his death without even finding out what is happening? It is all a lie. Please stop it!” she added.


The actor’s daughters also shared social media posts where they urged everyone to stop sharing fake gossip.


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