Pakistan have been doing pretty good in many fields including sports, education, technology, TV and films but there is this one thing, which still needs to be explored more and it is, comedy, more specifically, stand up comedy. To fill the vacuum, Umar Rana, an internationally acclaimed Pakistani comedian, introduced Comedy Masala International. They platform hosted some very known international comedians in Karachi last year and now they are set to kick off new season from February 22-24.

The first show of this season will have five shows over three nights with some hilarious performers from abroad.

Here’re the five reasons that your should go and watch Comedy Masala in Karachi;

  • International Acts

Three international acclaimed performers are coming to Pakistan for the very first time. These international artists include Eddy Brimson from UK, PAT Burtscher from Canada and Leo Flowers from USA.

  • Masala guaranteed

The night will also feature the co-founder of Comedy Masala and comedian Umar Rana and believe us; he knows how to put Masala in comedy.

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  • Borrow jokes in your own social life.

These international comedians are coming to Pakistan for the first time and they will be performing brand new jokes which you can actually borrow in your own social life.

  • Reduce your stress

It is reported that when you laugh, your muscles contract, this increases blood flow and stimulates the heart and lungs and triggers the release of endorphins that help you feel more relaxed. Comedy actually helps you to escape from your problems.

  • You do not care about PSL

The opening ceremony of Pakistan Super League season III will be happening at the same time but wait, you don’t give a damn. Comedy Masala is the place to be at.

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