The star of some biggest blockbusters of Pakistani cinema, Fahad Mustafa reinforced that he never announced to quit drama industry but was fortunate that filmmakers kept casting him for their movies.

“I never said no to TV dramas but fortunately, filmmakers kept casting me in their films. When they will stop taking me, I will think about dramas,” he told in an exclusive interview with “I cannot decide if I will do TV or film because I think it is the choice of producers and directors,” he added.

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Mustafa, who did his last drama titled Dosri Biwi in the year 2014, told that he picked projects which many actors did not agree to do at first. “The problem with us is that we do not read scripts and just ask for hit dramas. I am sure when they will do films, they will do the same,” he told.

“The industry requires commitment and hard work. If you work to get fame, it will not happen until you work hard.”

Talking about being part of Nadeem Baig’s Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2, he told that he was overwhelmed on being the choice of the director and Humayun Saeed. “I love Humayun and believe Nadeem Baig is among the only few acclaimed film directors in Pakistan, so it feels good when you become their choice for film,” he told while also acknowledging Saeed for doing a cameo in his Actor in Law. “I was overwhelmed when Humayun Saeed did a cameo in my film. The industry will grow this way,” he shared.

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While sharing details about Load Wedding, his next big screen project with Nabeel Qureshi and Fizza Ali Meerza, he hoped that the film will do extraordinary. “We have already shot 85 percent of the film and just need four-five days to complete the whole,” he told.

“I believe there are certain films which we, as Pakistani audience, do not expect from our cinemas and Load Wedding is going to be one of them. People will enjoy it,” he added.


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