‘People took my statement related to COVID-19 wrong’ Amir Khan


British boxer Amir Khan thinks that his statement related to coronavirus’s spread across the world has been taken in the wrong context.

In a video conference with reporters, Khan clarified that it was his thinking that maybe the government wanted people to stay inside their homes due to the installation of 5G towers across the UK.

“See, the world had witnessed viruses and diseases whenever technology such as 3G and 4G came out. This time it was 5G so I just shared my thought on Instagram that maybe the government wanted to keep people at home due to the installation of 5G towers. But, people took it the wrong way,” he maintained.

Meanwhile, the UK-born-Pakistani explained why he called coronavirus a ‘Man-made’ virus. “Everybody has been said to stay indoors due to coronavirus. But nobody knows what actually is happening around,” he said. “We have been told that so many people died of coronavirus but can anybody reveal that from where, when and how this Coronavirus has come? People say it has come from China but the Chinese people are ok, how they come out of this?” he questioned.

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