‘Never felt the need to work in films’ Iqra Aziz prioritizes dramas


Iqra Aziz thinks that Tv has a larger audience than films because, in areas where there’s no cable or cinema, there is television.

Speaking to Urdu News, Suno Chanda actor prioritized dramas saying that the love she got from Tv, never let her think of working in films.

“I didn’t find it important to work in films after receiving so much love for my roles in dramas. For me, Tv is a great medium to reach out to every nook and corner. In remote areas, where there is no cable or cinema, there is television. People stay connected with their favorite artists through this TV,” she said.

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Iqra welcomed constructive criticism and said she always learn from it. “There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism and I have always appreciated it and learned from it,” he shared.

On the other hand, Iqra stressed the need to change the track as far as Pakistani drama content is concerned. “The world has changed a lot and now people have gone far and beyond. There should be stories that are not connected to our lives but the viewers can learn from it. It’s time for us to change our track,” she concluded.

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