TV actress Sonya Hussyn who made her big screen debut with Jami’s Moor, is now coming back with her second film titled Azaadi, also starring Moammar Rana in lead role. Hussyn, who plays a Pakistani-origin British journalist in the film, believes that her film is about something which the people of Kashmir want Pakistan to highlight.

“Some of the people left the project because we had to shoot in tough locations and they weren’t able to pass the journey,” the actress tells in an exclusive interview with us. “We faced hardships to bring something which our Kashmiri people want us highlight,” she adds.

Talking about why it took her two years to do her second movie, the actress says that there wasn’t enough margin for her to play the character in other films which she denied during the period. “It’s been two years since I did Moor and I had no reason to sign any other film because I am an actress who cannot do film just for the sake of work,” she tells.

“I always need an issue and a character to play. If I think I won’t get margin to play my character and I am being cast as a prop for hero, I will never accept the offer,” Hussyn continues.

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Furthermore, the actress believes that one should always go for drama because it has huge viewership as compared to film. “I believe dramas have more viewership than films, which is still in its reviving period,” she believes. “If 10 percent of our audiences watch films, 90 percent prefer dramas. So I believe if you have good script and margin to work, you should always go for drama because people know us because of our dramas,” she continues.

Watch Azaai trailer below;


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