The ace drama and film writer, Khalil ur Rehman Qamar has initiated his next big screen project titled Kaaf Kangana, starring Ayesha Omar, Sami Khan and a newcomer Abi Khan in the lead roles.

Kaaf Kangana will mark the big screen debut of Sami Khan while it is going to be the third appearance of Ayesha Omar in the Pakistani cinema this year.

Being shot in the walled city, the film is a project by veteran writer Khalil ur Rehman Qamar where Ayesha Omar is said to play the lead character of a Lahori girl Gulnaz.

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This is the first time that the writer and the Bulbulay actress are collaborating for a project and Rehman believes that Ayesha fits perfectly into the character of his film because she grew up in Lahore, and that he wanted a girl from the City to begin with so that the personal experiences make it more genuine. Omar’s character is said to be a young high-spirited girl, based in the Walled City.

Talking about working on this project with Ayesha Omar, Khalil says “Ayesha and I are working for the first time together. After working on this with a few heroines previously and witnessing a bad experience i was slightly worried and apprehensive but working with Ayesha gave me a sigh of relief. She is so hard working and committed to her work. That high creative level entails and we are able to do things in a better way.”

This movie has been made in Collaboration with the ISPR, and although the genre of the film is predominantly romance, it does have elements of patriotism as well, which have been fused in very brilliantly.


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