HUM Network Limited in collaboration with QMobile, Pakistan’s leading Smartphone Company, has rolled the red carpet of the country’s biggest and most sought after three-day bridal fashion extravaganza, QMobile HUM Bridal Couture Week 2016 Styled by Sweet Touch, to present the latest and the best of Pakistani bridal trends by leading and burgeoning fashion designers on the catwalk. The 13th edition of #QHBCW is choreographed by Vaneeza Ahmed Ali.

Show one of the bridal extravaganza kicked off with the classic collection of bridal designer Mehdi, titled The Royal Courtyard, followed by QMobile Rising Star HEM’s Shahi Muhalla, a beautiful depiction of the Mughal era. FAS Design Studio was the third to present their collection on the runway which was followed by Chaap Tilak by MNR Design Studio. Show one concluded by Zonia Anwaar’s festive collection titled Daria’i Noor.

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Show two of #QHBCW started with the Imperial Voyage by IVY Couture presented by Shazia & Sehr, which was followed by Ayesha Imran’s Afsana-E- Ishq. Day one of three-day bridal extravaganza concluded with Sobia Nazir’s latest bridal collection titled The Mahal.

#QHBCW, famous for adding allure to the runway with an illustrious list of showstoppers, had an amazing line-up and power-packed performances on the first day; Farhad Humayun opened the show for Mehdi with a special performance while film star Resham added grandeur to HEM’s collection. The charming Imran Abbas show-stopped for FAS Design Studio and Soch the Band performed on the ramp for MNR Design Studio and the gorgeous Mawra Hocane added glamour to the ramp for the brand while jewellery for the segment was by Samreen Vance. Dance maestro Wahab Shah added an extra flavour to the bridal drama with his impeccable QMobile special performance, while the stunning Iman Ali and the melodious Ali Sethi stopped the show for IVY Couture by Shazia & Sehr. Last but not the least, the beautiful Moomal Sheikh graced the catwalk for Aisha Imran.


MEHDI: The Royal Courtyard couture collection 2017 encapsulates the beauty of a royal diva by reinterpreting and modernising time-treasured classics. Bold and jewelled tones in the collection are accentuated by touches of gold, silver and bronze, with elegant and mesmerizing silhouettes used to bring life to the collection. Celebrate this festive season with MEHDI in a real royal way.

HEM: HEM’s Shahi Muhalla is directly derived from the Mughal Era. The collection is based on stylish melange of savvy silhouette and prudish lengths with richly decorated plunging necklines. Floaty and sheer gowns with accentuated waistlines are the mainstay of this collection. The mood of the collection is a very royal vintage romance which portrays elegance as the power of today’s women. The inspiration is derived from the jewellery and ornaments of that era and also their architectural intricate motives.

FAS DESIGN STUDIO: Mehram is a whimsical tale portraying purity of love and the tranquil charm of beauty inspired by freedom of nature. It’s based on emotions of a woman who is ready to embrace any turmoil that confronts her journey to reach the love of her life. The colour palette is drawn from the charms of muted hues and gold, disseminating the feelings of being in love and its mesmerizing powers making you feel invincible and valiant in an unparalleled mystique of pestles, highlighted with motifs of birds and florals portraying happiness and freedom. This season, witness the magical powers of love, basking in the glory of nature’s freedom, submerging you in a sublime wanderlust.

MNR DESIGN STUDIO: Chaap Tilak is inspired by Victorian architecture and historic styles. This collection has is a perfect blend of Middle East and Asian influences; reflecting intricate and alluring designs with detailed motives and floral impressions. The collection incorporates Mughal flora and fauna and offers an illustrated comprehensive examination of all forms of expressions, including western cuts and intricate embellishments. Furthermore, the indulging JARAO jewellery making technique and captivating colour palette of compelling shades (maroon, realist beige and aqueduct) makes this collection one of its kind.

ZONIA ANWAAR: Daria’i Noor “Sea of light” by Zonia Anwaar for festive season 2016/17 at QHBCW in Persian, is a creative interpretation in form of a collection designed to be fun, inspired by a touch of glamour, that features beautiful bridal and formal wear reflecting the true essence of Zonia Anwaar’s signature style. Most of the collection outfits have embellishments in the form of intricate dabka work, cut-outs and embroidered patches worked over with beads, pearls and iridescent sequins. The colour palette is all about rich traditional jewel tones; sparkling burgundy, black onyx, ocean emerald, perky plum to go with flame gold and mistletoe pastels.

IVY COUTURE BY SHAZIA & SEHR: Imperial Voyage is about the glories of a time gone by; the wondrous splendours of the Royal Courts, the extravagance of formidable princesses and the spiritual dedication to reach the highest state through art and beauty. The romance and fables of long ago brides, in their flowing taffetas and chiffons fluttering in the desert winds, seek to be a constant in our minds. The Ivy Bridal Collection features cuts and embroideries of precise attention to detail, with inspiration drawn from the splendours of the Mughals and their unspoken oath to the arts. The delicate pierta dura bales of blossoms at the Taj Mahal, to the brilliance and fusion of cross cultural arts and techniques gave rise to the greatest patrons of the arts, the Mughals. Being fortunate to have inherited this legacy, we pay respect to our legendary past and to all those craftsmen who brought together Persian, Ottoman, and Greek cultures to fuse with what we know today as our rich heritage. With reverence, we glorify our beloved paisley, peacock and a plethora of other motifs and patterns which, we as a people, have come to be admired for. Ivy strives to present the most accurate and stunningly extravagant representation of our illustrious past.

AISHA IMRAN: Ayesha Imran’s Afsana-E- Ishq (The Tale of Love) is inspired by the mysticism, beauty, sensuality and delicacy of the Mughal Era. With designs meant to capture the imagination and fancy of the contemporary Pakistan bride, the new collection features perfect haute couture ensembles brought to life by some of the best craftsmen in the country. Afsana-e-Ishq bridal collection is inspired by love stories that were an integral part of Mughal culture. Each design is as eternal, precious and emotional as the promises made by the lovers to each other. Each piece reflects the idea of everlasting love with beautifully handcrafted delicate elements such as peacocks, circles and rows of beautiful embellishments. Aisha Imran’s new collection draws inspiration from the opulence of long-gone eras and celebrates the subcontinents’ rich cultural heritage by combining centuries’ old, embroidery techniques with luxurious fabrics. Afsana-e-Ishq aspires to stay true to the brands signature artistic style of presenting a multitude of separates in both contemporary and traditional silhouettes in distinct patterns and materials of rich jewel tone velvets, brocades and fanciful nets on classic miniature bridal lehngas, anarkali dresses and long flowing gowns, creating an illusion of Mughal éclat.

SOBIA NAZIR: The Mahal collection is as extravagant as a piece of art, gaining its inspiration from the rich culture and heritage of “Hawaa Mahal”. The collection not only reflects the architectural details of The Mahal, also reflects the freshness and modernity of the city from where it originated. The collection comprises intricate designs including delicate pearls, flawless enamel and stunning craftsmanship. The colour palette for this collection is inspired by pink and red sandstone used in the construction of this Mahal.


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