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Do I really want to write about this movie ‘Teri meri Love Story’?, maybe or maybe not, but why not?, every movie deserves an honest review and I am thinking on going ahead with one.

Teri Meri Love Story is the 3rd worst Pakistani movie that I have seen in recent times, honor of topping this list goes to ‘Halla Gulla’ closely followed by ‘Dekh Magar Piyar Say’. The most disappointing thing about Teri Meri Love Story’ is that I am unable to find something which could be praised. Looks like as too much inspiration has come from an Indian movie(s), which gives a feeling of watching a D-grade Indian movie.

Can’t see any new flavor as claimed by the director of the movie Jawwad Bashir, everything is very average and usual mediocre stuff all around, be it direction, acting, music, fights, dances etc and furthermore still can’t see how this movie can be a trend-setter on its pathetic actions sequences, not so funny humorous one-liners and a weak story line. They further said that they had used some new cameras for first time in Pakistan, almost every other director says this kind of stuff and for me there was nothing new about the cameras as some of the visions and images were blurred at times.

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Another aspect that I have noticed recently is, pathetic movies like ‘Dekh Magar Piyar Say’ and “Teri Meri Love Story’ do succeed in roping-in good sponsors whereas some gem-type movies miss them out. I am pretty sure that if these types of movies keep-on rolling in, then we should forget about revival of Pakistani Cinema.


People responsible for sponsoring movies should be educated enough to at-least read the script or ask for some briefing / details before sponsoring these type of pathetic movies.


Director of the movie Jawwad Bashir should stick to his previous task of making commercials, music videos etc, movie making is simply not for you. Better stick to making smaller videos rather than going for bigger ones.


Writing skits + one-liners and writing a movie are two different subjects and both writers Jawwad Bashir and his co-writer Ahmed Abdul Rehman failed to do justice here, as neither one is good at writing a complete movie. A lot of content was heard before and had a copy paste effect to it.


Almost of all the actors failed to impress starting from the senior-lot Salman Shahid and Laila Zuberi and then moving on to male actors Mohib Mirza, Omer Shahzad, Mohsin Abbas, Ahmed Abdul Rehman and female actors Ushna Shah & Uzma Khan.

I was expecting a lot from Mohib Mirza as I had seen Bachana where his acting was the only positive point in the movie itself but here in ‘Teri Meri Love Story’ he failed to impress.

Mohsin Abbas did well at times but was mostly over the line

Omer Shahzad try to feel the difference between a ramp and a real ground, if you are done with modeling stuff then try being a bouncer at an event.

Both female leads were mediocre and forgettable.

Jawad Bashir failed to impress as an actor too and Faisal Qureshi and Ahsan Rahim made small cameo and forgettable performances.


First song was good to hear and had a good feel to it and Qatra Qatra was also good, rest of the music was like the movie itself.


Pappu Can’t Dance or Pakistani’s can’t dance. When I was kid, at school my Indian friends always taunted me that Pakistani’s are not good at dancing and I use to argue with them but now I won’t argue anyone with any Indian friend. I sure now that Pakistani’s can’t dance and will never be able dance as good as them.

Action sequences:

Should have hired a fight instructor or a fight choreographer for fighting scenes, Ushna Shah, Mohib Mirza and Omer Shahzad tried their best at actions scenes but lack of proper choreography ruined their efforts.

Worst and Best

Kidnapping scene was the worst scene of the movie (see it yourself) closely followed by the grand finale where Omer Shahzad (one man) get hold of four people (two males & two females) and rope them against the wall.

First song of the movie was best part of the movie for me.

Now anxiously waiting for some other movies to come this season like Actor-in-Law, Jannaan and Zidagi Kitni Haseen Hay.

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