Pakistan’s most influential music platform Coke Studio season 10 is almost around the corner and courtesy to the Express Tribune, we have the list of expected musicians and producers.

“Since Strings took over the show in 2014, it was rumoured that Coke Studio was a 10-year deal to begin with, and after String’s third, Rohail will come back and give a great grand farewell to fans with season 10. That has just proven to be another rumour as Strings gear up for the biggest season in the show’s history with nine different producers and various tributes to the stalwarts of the industry,” reveals Tribune.

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The report adds that Faakhir Mehmood, Sheraz Uppal and Noori are out as Salman Ahmed, Sajjad Ali, Mekaal Hasan, Ali Hamza (as solo artist), Sahir Ali Bagga and Strings join the remaining producers of last year’s lineup.

Each producer’s set will feature at least one tribute song, and the tributes range from an ode to Faiz Ahmed Faiz in the form of Bol Kay Lab Azaad Hain ft Shafqat Amanat Ali to Dum Mast Qalandar ft Umair Jaswal and a Qawwal party as one to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Sehwan Sharif.

Ali Sethi will remember Mehdi Hasan by singing Ranjish Hi Sahi while Ali Zafar, Ali Hamza and Strings will join forces in Us Rah Par to remember Junaid Jamshed.

Sajjad Ali’s daughter Zau Ali will also feature in an English song being produced by her father. Rahat and most likely Ali Noor will join Salman Ahmed in a new rendition of Sayonee.

Coke Studio 10 Producers (Expected)

Shuja Haider


Sahir Ali Bagga

Salman Ahmed

Ali Hamza

Jaffar Zaidi


Sajjad Ali

Mekaal Hasan


Artists (Expected)

Humaira Channa

Rahat Fateh Ali

Amanat Ali

Zau Ali ( Sajjad Ali’s daughter)

Ali Zafar

Daniyal Zafar


Farhan Saeed

Momina Mustehsan

Untitled girl’s chorus

Salman Ahmed

Ataullah Eesakhelvi

Shafqat Amanat Ali

Aima Baig

Ahmed Jehanzeb

Umair Jaswal

Ali Sethi

Humaira Arshad


Nabeel Shaukat

Jabbar Abbas

Natasha Khan


Songs (Expected)

Us Rah Par

Qaumi Tarana

Dam Mast Qalandar

Asan Yaar Manana Ae

Ranjish Hee Sahi

Lathay Dee Chadar


Mujhse Pehli See Mohabbat

Jaanay Baharaaan


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