Who isn’t familiar with and loves Kaifi Khalil’s hit track, Kahani Suno? But are you familiar with Aima Baig’s cover of the song? The Baazi singer covered the track recently and received mixed reviews over it. However, in a recent interview, the subject of her cover was broached and Aima had some interesting revelations to share.

“The sweetest thing happened, Kaifi actually called me up after the song went global and said nobody was paying attention to it, since he’s a very down-to-earth and an immensely talented guy. He’s pure talent,” she said in a conversation with Fahad Mustafa.

“So he said ever since I covered the track, people got to know about it even more and people listened to the original one. Also, nobody can beat the original and it wasn’t about who is going to sing it better. I just felt like singing it in the moment and I did,” she continued.

“I do not care whether people like it or not, I sang it for myself,” she concluded.

Check out the clip of the interview below.


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Kaifi Khalil’s Kahani Suno has currently surpassed 120 million views on YouTube and continues to be a chart topper on local streaming stations. Check out Aima’s version of the song below.

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