Like all previous years, HUM Network staged one of the biggest awards shows in Pakistan, the 5th HUM Awards a couple of months ago in Lahore. The awards will be on-aired for the first time today and here are seven reasons why you need to cancel your weekend plans and watch the show;

  • The oh-so-glamorous set
    HUM Award is known for their grand set designs. The 5th HUM Awards showcased a visual master piece, as the set was majestic in every way. It was huge, beautifully lit and well managed. Every jaw dropped once it entered the hall. The team kept their promise and came up with a set even better than before. It will be difficult to get your eyes off the set.

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  • High Volt performances and celebrity ensemble
    Stars graced the event with their finest attires and most importantly, their presence. The set shinned bright as all the celebrities were lobbing away their 1000 WATT smiles.
    The stage was set on fire with some zealous performances. Be it Mehwish Hayat’s dazzling solo performance or music madness by Momina Mustehsan, Ali Sethi, Asim Azhar and the great Sajjad Ali, the audience was left awestruck. Shahroze Sabzwari and Sahrish Khan didn’t miss a single chance to make everyone groove to their energetic performance – ALL THAT YOU JUST CAN’T’ MISS.

  • A heart melting tribute
    Every eye became teary as ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ echoed across the hall. Junaid Jamshed’s sons Baber and Taimur joined the pop-star Salman Ahmed on the stage to pay a tribute to their late father. The audience was filled with emotions and so will be the viewers because the legend is and will live forever in everyone’s heart.

  • Junior stars take notes as Reema Khan flaunts on stage
    Only few people can bring grace to anything they do and with no doubt Reema Khan is one of them. She made the stage look like heaven; guised like an ethereal sprite, twirling on the fusion of sufi songs. Keep your shades with you while watching her performance because her 100 watt smile will brighten up everything as bright as the broad day light.

  • Long lost legend back on the stage
    The 5th HUM Award is definitely a treat for Sajjad Ali’s fans, as the outstanding performer was seen on stage after a very longtime. Sajjad Ali stunned the audience with his melodious performance. So, brace yourself because the melody bullets are going to hit you hard.

  • Farida Khanum receives the Life Time Achievement Award
    If the audience had to a sing a song for Farida Khanum jee, it would have been ‘Aj jane ki zid na kero’, because everyone cherished the fan moment when the Malika-e-ghazal blessed the night with her melodious voice. The love and respect poured in from every corner of the hall as the huge applause and standing ovation welcomed her. It is a NOT-TO-MISS highlight of the show.
  • You Blink, you miss; Kubra Khan on the beats
    Well, it’s not going to be an exaggeration when we say that Kubra Khan stole the show. Her sizzling moves are definitely going to dazzle everyone watching her on the screen this weekend. She is going to give us some major confidence goals with her power packed performance, because; it’s hard to believe that it was her first ever performance on any awards show.

So, it’s definitely going to be star studded, entertaining and emotionally packed weekend for all.


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