Young Leaders Conference (YLC) hosted by School of Leadership is about courage and passion. It calls out to the awakened, imaginative, disciplined and dynamic young leaders who will stand with dignity and be ready to serve and contribute, with ardor and bring about a miraculous transformation in the status quo. The 16th YLC is going to take place in Karachi from July 26th to July 31st and here are 16 reasons it would be a life changing experience for you.

  • Learn, Lead, Success

As the names suggests, YLC ’15 will inspire you and set you on the path of leadership so you learn to succeed in whatever you choose to do in your life.

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Get a break from your boring summer routine to experience a refreshing six day journey of learning and become a part of Pakistan’s biggest annual youth affair.


Away from family and friends, home and university, this six-day and five-night residential conference will give you a chance to reflect, help you discover new aspects of your personality and let you unearth your strengths and weaknesses.


16th YLC will have participants from different provinces, cities, districts of Pakistan as well as from other parts of the world. It will be your chance to experience diversity and learn how to get along with people from different backgrounds, cultures and locations.

#HumansofYLCSaniya’s story is one of personal transformation that extended and evolved into professional development….

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This is your chance to be more aware of what is happening in your country and around the world and find ways to enable yourself to play an active role in your chosen field taking Pakistan to new heights of success and prosperity.

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For those of you travelling from outside Karachi, this will be your chance to visit a new city. The city of 16th YLC will be a rollercoaster of exciting field trips and tours. Visit monuments, experience culture and the beautiful Dreamworld Resort will be an experience of a lifetime.

  • An unforgettable experience

It will be an experience of a lifetime that will change your perspective about yourself, your country and your approach towards life. YLC will leave a remarkable impact on you that will shape your personality for years to come.

  • Polish your soft skills

With our grade centric education system where all the focus is on GPAs and percentages, this is your chance to improve your communication, leadership and interpersonal skills, to break through the norms and challenge yourself.

  • Make Friends for life

16th YLC will provide you the platform to meet new people with different stories and lessons. It will be your chance to socialize with a diversified, yet like-minded, group of individuals and make friendships that will last long after you return home.

Creating memories at the Young Leaders Conference.Have you registered to attend #16thYLC?Come and join us at #YLCThe300

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  • National and International Speakers

YLC is famous for bringing on board international and national speakers who will inspire, encourage, and motivate you to help you take off on the path of self-realization and individuality.

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  • Be a part of the YLC Alumni

This could be your chance to be part of the YLC Alumni network with more than 4400 young, energetic and enthusiastic individuals. It will also provide you with new prospects to get involved in different events and opportunities years after you attend YLC.

A fun moment with the participants at YLC '15!

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  • FUN & Exciting Activities

YLC is full of exhilarating experiences waiting for you including speaker sessions, field visits, workshops and social events. With all this in store you can be sure that YLC ’17 will be packed with fun, exciting and thrilling activities for you.

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  • Shoot the Breeze

In this competitive world with hundreds of individuals having the same degree as yours and involved in similar activities, how do you distinguish yourself? YLC can help you stand out in the crowd! With more than 4400 alumni, 300 participants and thousands more to come you will have an edge anywhere you apply.

  • Witness the power of the 300

This year’s YLC is about courage and passion. You will get a chance to witness the energy of 300 passionate and courageous like-minded participants.


Yes! The first ever YLC Theme song is out. And we ensure you, you would want to clap and sing along.


You will get an unprecedented opportunity to meet and interact with over 50 thought leaders who have inspired your for decades.

From the film and drama industry to a successful host and analyst, Hamza Ali Abbasi is always in the limelight for…

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