A traditional Pakistani family is one in which we respect and love our parents and grandparents. We strive to spend time with them. Especially, in the month of Ramadan, families gather around their tables and dastarkhuans for sehri and iftaar. This is such a special time for parents and grandparents; to see their kids and grandkids Sitting with them and sharing food.

The TVC of Rooh Afza is also about Pakistani family, loving bond and Ramadan. Here is the video:

Ramadan is the month of blessings. Every good deed done in this month will be rewarded 70 times the original. This is also the month of caring for others, being aware of needs of others and helping them as much as anyone can. Families in Pakistan take special care of their domestic help during Ramadan. Like giving them extra money for food, making clothes for them for Eid, making them work less due to fasting and in general being aware of their needs and helping them in any way they can. This is the spirit of Ramadan and it is beautifully depicted in the Rooh Afza TVC.

The best point of the ad is that it just not reflects Islamic values but also shows Pakistani traditions. It shows a grandfather teaching true values of Islam to his grandson. He is seen praying with the kid and distributing gifts among poor.

The creativity of the ad is in it’s simplicity that defines the love between family and the spirit of Ramadan. It shows how people help other people in this blessed month. Another interesting thing about Rooh Afza TVC is that it shows a better image of Pakistan, Pakistanis and Muslims to the world. We not only love each other but are also considerate about the needs of other people and help them in any way we can.

Throughout social media, Rooh Afza ad has been appreciated for bringing the soul of Ramadan to the screen and also showing the love, care and respect we all have for our family.


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