During a recent television appearance, Ushna Shah was all fond of her friend and fellow actress, Sajal Aly. She shared that they worked together on her first drama and have known each other for many years, even if they don’t see each other that often.

She went on to point out how she has noticed a significant change in Sajal’s demeanor, as she now exudes a sense of contentment, happiness, and confidence. She expressed her pride in Sajal’s growth and happiness, noting that it was a joy to see her doing so well.

“I think my first drama was with Sajal and I have known her for many years, albeit we don’t meet that often. I’ve seen her so content, happy, and confident but in a good way, now especially. I’ve never seen her like that. She’s so happy with life and in such a good place and I’m so proud of her. I love it. It was so good to see her,” she said.

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Keeping the conversation fun, Ushna was also asked whether there is a specific habit that Sajal has, like for instance, not arriving on time. “I’m the one who doesn’t arrive on time. That’s my habit. Sajal is very professional. The thing is, if I say anything about anyone, it’s probably gonna be about me,” she responded.

Sajal Aly is currently busy promoting her international venture, a film by Jemimah Goldsmith titled What’s Love Got To Do With It. She plays the character of a Pakistani bride who is all set to marry the male lead in the film in an arranged marriage situation.


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