Let’s face it. Veena Malik is one celebrity who manages to shine bright and keep her head held high in the face of a large magnitude of opinions about her. Be it her career or her personal life, or merely her political views on Twitter, the netizens always seem to be having a field day over every new development. And amidst it all, we managed to get a hold of the unapologetic force herself for some blazing queries.

Being a single mother, Malik has been on an ongoing journey of strength and resilience, but makes sure her work life is separate from her personal issues. “Since I got separated in 2015 and divorced in 2016, there was a long battle for the custody of my [two] kids. I got custody, but when my husband was leaving, he stole the passports of the kids. And then I had to fight another legal war for them. But Alhamdulillah, God has been very kind to me. Soon InshAllah I will bring my kids to Pakistan,” she said.

Having said that, Malik’s personal life has no room for any disturbance now, especially when her family has played a vital role in shaping up the woman she is today. “My personal life is completely sorted. My parents, especially my father, have a huge influence on me. It is because of their influence that I have redacted a lot of my mistakes,” she said.


“I spend a lot of time with my kids. And I am very non-glamourous in my personal life. I am very simple, I am just like any other person, any other mother, daughter, sister, at home. There are two lives that I manage. Other than that, my religious beliefs are very personal. So you have to deal with all of these aspects separately,” she added.

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Currently, Malik’s giving her all in the reality show Pakistan Star, and has come a long way from being a contestant in Bigg Boss. Having spent three years in Bollywood, Bigg Boss is still a project that the actress holds close to her heart.

Big Boss was a project that had a huge impact on me. When you’re living with strangers with no connection to the world outside, you’re actually living with your own self. That project helped me evolve as a person, and one that I still cherish,” she said, adding how she has been offered multiple times to rejoin it but she feels done with the chapter.

Regardless, you won’t see her mingling with any celebrities. “I have spent three years in Bollywood, and there’s hardly a celebrity that I haven’t met there. But you must have noticed my absence in private events or parties. I have also worked in Lollywood and Karachi, and it’s just that I don’t feel comfortable meeting people on a personal level. Call me shy or an introvert, it’s just the way I am. I just don’t like it, I’m a homebody. This may be the reason why I don’t have friends in showbiz,” she said.


Her stance is clear on where she wants to invest her time, but what about the recent clash between India and Pakistan? Should that be affecting an artist’s integrity? Malik feels strongly about this.

“Artists have no boundaries, you can excel anywhere in the world. But when it comes to India and Pakistan, there are boundaries because if there weren’t, artists who go to work across the border wouldn’t have been criticised so much. Especially when it comes to India’s current circumstances under Modi’s leadership, even their own minorities aren’t safe,” she said.

“Every morning I used to wake up and someone or the other used to question why Veena Malik is working in Bollywood. Even now when I put out my point of view on Twitter, how can I support India when I am a Pakistani and a soldier’s daughter? Even now there are shows in India which question my work. I have sold you my art, not my beliefs. So yes, when it comes to working in India, we do have boundaries,” she added.

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Moving on, we also brought up how the actress had distinct views about the whole Mahira Khan – Firdous Jamal controversy, and she explained why.

I feel where you get so much appreciation, if some seasoned celebrity has criticised you then you should think about what made him do it. When the whole industry ganged up against him, I felt bad. Because we all are one, and the industry is one unit. Calling him bad means you’re calling the entire industry bad. Same goes for Mahira Khan. But I feel talking about age was not a big deal, certain things should always be taken with a pinch of salt,” she said. 

Looks like the actress is sticking with her beliefs for good!


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