‘Our audience can’t digest dark content’ Mohsin Abbas


Mohsin Abbas Haider said the Pakistani audience is confused about the selection of content that they like to watch.

Speaking to behtareen.pk, Meri Gurya actor highlighted that local audience can’t digest dark content when it is made in Pakistan whereas the Indian content of same tone is liked by them.

“I think our audience is confused while choosing the content. They can’t digest Pakistani dark content but they like to watch the same content produced in India such as Gangs of Waseypur and Mirzapur,” he said.

“I know there is a difference in production level but our industry is trying to match the level of production and cinematography,” he maintained.

Talking about parallel cinema, Mohsin said he likes to be a part of it and they are working towards introducing the local audience to it. “We need to make such content to change the tastebuds of our audience. Recently, content like Churails suffered criticism but by the time we will be able to make our people use to of it,” he concluded.

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