‘Working with Sarmad is like working in my kitchen’ says Sania Saeed


Veteran actor Sania Saeed highly rated her film Kamli’s director Sarmad Khoosat and said she feels like home working with him.

Speaking to Express Tribune, Sania said Khoosat is too comfortable to work with and she feels confident with him.

“Working with Sarmad is now like working in your kitchen. You know where all the utensils are, where the spices are. You’re comfortable. There’s no awkwardness or hesitation. We keep experimenting, with a trust that the product will be fine, and the process is always fun then,” she said.

Meanwhile, Sania also praised lead actress of Kamli, Saba Qamar and shared work experience with her.

“She’s a very present actor. She is always in tune with the other actors, and she makes the effort, which is a very rare quality. She’s aware of other actors’ methods and tries to collaborate. It was a lot of fun that way,” she added.

It must be noted here that Kamli will be released on June 3 across Pakistan. The film will feature Saba, Hamza Khwaja, Sania, and Nimra Bucha.


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