Age discrimination exists only in Pakistan-India, says Adnan Siddiqui


Adnan Siddiqui thinks that ‘Age Discrimination’ exists only in Pakistan and India’s entertainment industries.

“Age discrimination is just in India and Pakistan. You got to see very few old age actors playing lead roles. After a certain age, the female actor goes from being a heroine to a baji,” he highlighted in Mira Sethi’s YouTube show.

“In Hollywood, you won’t see such thing, age doesn’t matter there. Even if you watch Iranian cinema, age discrimination does not take place, be it a man or a woman,” he marked.

Siddiqui said a young female actor opposite an old-age male actor in lead roles is seen less in Pakistan and India. “The entertainment industry has its own interests when it comes to a young female actor being paired off with an evidently older male actor. As I say myself, I’m a vampire when it comes to actors of certain age playing heroes,” he said.

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