‘Nepotism may exist in India but not in Pakistan’ Javed Sheikh


Veteran actor Javed Sheikh believes that there is no favoritism in the Pakistani entertainment industry and all talented individuals have made name by their work.

Speaking to Express Tribune, Sheikh brushed aside all conversations regarding nepotism in Pakistan’s film and drama industry. “Nepotism may exist in Bollywood but I don’t think it prevails in Pakistan,” assured Na Maloom Afrad actor.

The actor further said he never cast his children in any of his films thus far and always honored deserving artists. “I’ve made seven to eight films so far and if I had to favor Shehzad, I would’ve done it. Especially with Wajood, since my entire family was after me to cast him. Instead, I gave Danish Taimoor the leading role,” he highlighted.

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Sheikh thinks that actors who fail to prove their mettle, always complain about nepotism. “Your skill brings you in the limelight and those who fail to do so, always complain. I didn’t have any filmy background, still fought hard to make my place in this industry. I believe that our production houses are always up for introducing young talent. Everything depends on you,” he concluded.

It must be noted here that Bollywood marred by nepotism allegations after suicide-incident of the late Indian actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The buzz of nepotism later crossed the border and people also called out for nepotism in the Pakistani entertainment industry with a lot of artists highlighting the issue.


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