Award winning CEO Muneeb Mushtaq shares success secret


Technological developments have seen some of the biggest surges in the past few years, and unlike many industries, tech tycoons that we get to talk about are mostly self-made. Many of these people came from humble means and, through their genius, changed the world somehow. Their way of doing things and their outlook on life is built on all those experiences and hurdles that they cross to reach where they are.

Though Pakistan hasn’t seen its fair share of these tech geniuses, one young businessman has made us sit up and notice him. The Pakistani-Canadian entrepreneur Muneeb Mushtaq who started his own business at a very young age and is currently CEO of Canadian based company Airzai, has been the talk of the town with his humble, easy-going personality as he openly talks about everything that made him reach where he is today. If you need some tips on how to be successful in your business and life in general as well, we have summed up some of his most compelling and quote-worthy takes on being successful!

In a recent interview, talking about his own journey, Muneeb Mushtaq said, “The key is to achieving your goals is not to give up, and the success would only come if you don’t. Just your head down and keep working hard.”

Sharing his advice on how to start a successful business, Muneeb Mushtaq also added, “It’s not tomorrow, not later, but right now. The sooner you start, the faster you can start making progress towards what you want to build. So one piece of advice is to start now.”

In one of his more recent interviews, sharing his own perspective on how to keep going, he said, “What I try to do is do things that make me happy, things that I am very passionate about, things that I can dedicate myself to, and that is one of the reasons that despite how many failures I face, despite how many setbacks there are, I just keep on going.”

Follow these advices and pave your way to the sky.


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