Yesterday, the internet caught fire over cheating allegations leveled over Aima Baig by a British model. Taloulah Mair shared several Instagram stories talking about Aima’s alleged affair with her ex-boyfriend filmmaker Qes Ahmed and accused Aima of cheating on her former fiancé Shahbaz Shigri. This news resulted in incessant trolling and bullying for Aima, and after more than a day, the Baazi singer has finally posted a response.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Aima stated how there’s a lot to the whole story, which according to her will be revealed in a day or two. “Although I did leave a very respectful statement to put an end to this whole situation, but some people want to stay quiet because they know how many more ugly things would come out now not just about them, but about their families too. I still want to keep up with that respect that I gave to these people. In fact, to this one person and family because that is not how my upbringing is,” she wrote.

“People who know this person personally have nothing to say about this matter since they knew the truth way before you all got aware of it. And trust me, they know why it happened, whatever happened,” she added.

She further talked about the mental trauma she has been facing as a result of this debacle. “I’ve been going through some major trauma, depression right now because people don’t know what actually happened… I’m not someone who fired up the situation by only showing parts to the people that would help them play the victim card,” she said.

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She also addressed the constant bullying and how the situation has turned into meme fodder. “As much as I enjoy memes, but this whole thing is beyond funny. This is straight up bullying and targeting people. In these past couple of days I kept wondering, how can people or any sane person believe in these accusations by random people who are only looking for few followers without even knowing the actual truth and the real story behind it?” she wrote.

Moving forward, she added how whatever they portray on social media isn’t the full picture, and how this fiasco taught her so many things. “One thing I learned during this whole drama is that never let the world know who you love, whether it’s your mom or your dad. Never just stay quiet, and let people take advantage of your kindness towards them for the sake of good times. And never trust a book by its cover. Also never date a man 100x older than you, you never know what goes up in that mind,” she wrote.

She also hinted at how the person who accused Aima of cheating is in need of some serious medical help, and asked her followers to help her find a doctor for them. And lastly, she also addressed the video where apparently Aima is on a phone call with the couple, and Ahmed is heard accusing Aima of lying about getting raped.

“Also, in that very video that random person posted, she knowingly bleeped certain words and only posted half the video. Also I was being told what to say on that video over texts and even her boyfriend knows that,” she wrote.

This is still a developing story. Shahbaz Shigri is yet to comment on the matter.


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