It’s not quite often we get to see relationship scandals in the industry, but today’s an exception. News of Aima Baig allegedly cheating on her former fiancé Shahbaz Shigri with filmmaker Qes Ahmed has ended up breaking the internet and we’re just here to fill you in.

British model Taloulah Mair has been going off on social media with accounts of her troubled relationship with Qes Ahmed, and accused Baig of being involved with her ex Ahmed while she was engaged to Shigri. She also added that Ahmed told her about this betrayal while gloating that he is dating one of the most well-known singers of Pakistan i.e Baig. Furthermore, Mair went on to accuse Baig of spending a holiday together with Ahmed in Dubai.

When asked upon how she was so sure that Baig was engaged when she was dating Ahmed, Mair attached a screenshot of a conversation with Shigri in which he asked the model to send him screenshots proving Baig’s infidelity.

Mair’s outburst soon reached the Pakistani audience and the netizens have been going off on social media with all sorts of reactions. Some couldn’t believe this actually happened, while others couldn’t comprehend the madness of the situation.

Many couldn’t help but make memes out of the whole fiasco.

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While in a major plot twist, some brought up how Shigri also cheated on his wife with Baig.

Some were definitely not surprised, considering it celebrity culture.

Well, definitely has been a roller coaster ride. Aima Baig or Shahbaz Shigri are yet to comment on the debacle. Keep an eye on this space for more updates.


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