Aima Baig shares love vibes with Shahbaz Shigri


Aima Baig confirmed being in a relationship with Shahbaz Shigri for the very first time publicly during Nida Yasir’s morning show at ARY Digital.

During the show when Aima was asked about rumours related to her and Shahbaz, Aima confirmed that she is in a relationship with Parey Hut Love actor.

“The rumours that have been abuzz, I can only say that they are true. We vibe really well,” said Aima.

“We met on the sets of Parey Hut Love and became friends there. To be honest, he is so comfortable to be around. He makes you too comfortable not only with his conversations but also with just his presence,” she added.

Aima and Shahbaz were spotted together on several occasions and their fans were sure there was something special between them. The couple also posted a lot of pictures together on social media which got immense engagement.

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