Yumna Zaidi, a famous actor, recently talked on a TV show with Nida Yasir about something important finding someone special to spend life with.

Nida, who is lively and fun, joked that everyone wishes Yumna could be their daughter-in-law. She even got a marriage proposal for Yumna on her show! But Yumna said humbly that those proposals go to her mom, not her directly.

Yumna feels thankful for the love she gets from people but also a little nervous about this big question of finding the right person.

Yumna said, showing she’s careful about such big decisions:

“I am a bit scared of this question.”

When asked what she looks for in a partner, Yumna said she wants someone who brings happiness like she has in her life.

She expressed:

“I want someone who can make life even better.”

She hopes to find a person who will walk beside her and make their future together bright.

Yumna’s honest talk showed she cares a lot about finding someone who matches her and makes life happier. Her words touched many people and made them think about finding their own special someone.


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