The excitement in Nepal’s cricket circles is palpable as the nation’s team gets ready to participate in the prestigious Asia Cup 2023. Head coach Monty Desai is embracing this momentous opportunity for his players to learn from cricket giants Pakistan and India, who also share Group A with Nepal.

Speaking to the media in Karachi, Desai praised his team’s historic qualification for the Asia Cup and commended the training facilities provided by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). “Nepal’s qualification for the Asia Cup is a historic achievement,” Desai stated with pride, acknowledging the exceptional training conditions that the PCB has arranged. He also highlighted the positive cricketing atmosphere in Karachi, which has further motivated the team.

Being drawn in the same group as cricketing powerhouses Pakistan and India presents a unique learning experience for Nepal’s players, according to Desai. He emphasized that the encounters against these top-tier teams would provide valuable insights and growth opportunities for his players, who often had only seen them perform on TV screens before.

The Nepal cricket team has already begun their preparations, arriving in Karachi and initiating training sessions at the National Bank Stadium. Their comprehensive regimen includes practice matches to fine-tune their skills before moving on to Multan on August 27.

Set to play against Pakistan on August 30 in Multan, followed by a match against India on September 4 in Sri Lanka, Nepal’s cricketers are gearing up for an extraordinary opportunity to showcase their talents on the international stage.



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