Following the immense success of his ongoing play Naach Na Jaane, Anwar Maqsood has his hands busy with his upcoming play, titled Naya Pakistan. At a press conference held at the Arts Council of Pakistan, the writer delved into some details surrounding the play, which will go on stage on August 14.

According to Mr. Maqsood, Dawar Mehmood and Ahmed Shah, the director of the play and the president of the council respectively, approached him for a drama whose proceeds would be forwarded to a charitable cause, further described as endowment funds to facilitate stage, TV, and film artists.

As far as the term ‘Naya Pakistan’ is considered, the writer explained how the main character of the play will be a street vendor, striving to sell the old Pakistan into its ‘naya’ variation. To make it more interesting, characters based on the likes of Allama Iqbal will also make appearances while looking for a spot in the updated country.

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The creators also shared how the success of Naach Na Jaane encouraged them to indulge into another play. “I am amazed on myself for writing a second play too soon. I take long breaks between writing screenplays,” Mr. Maqsood said. Moreover, the ongoing play will also be taken to international levels and will be seen on stage in London, Dubai, and Malaysia.


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