Another reason for foodies to rejoice is finally here, as WWF-Pakistan is organising the country’s first environmental-friendly food festival in the city. The ReFest food festival stands out from the rest of the festivals on the scene in the way that it actively strives to reduce food waste, while raising awareness about consuming food in an amenable manner.

To help bring their theme into action, which revolves around Let’s Reset the Way We Fest, the creators of the ReFest food festival will be providing specially imported reusable eco-friendly cutlery from China, for the purpose of no more wastage. By creating awareness towards this rising issue, we can on our way to tackle problems related to food wastage and malnutrition. Talk about being economically responsible and encouraging citizens to be so as well!

In fact, the ReFest food festival isn’t just all about food. Apart from having hundreds of food stalls carrying a variety of cuisines, the event will also have a whole bunch of fun-filled activities, enough to keep the whole family occupied. Once again keeping the spirit of recycling alive, people can also display their art made from trash at the festival and show everyone their creative sides.

Moreover, the three-day event will also feature powerful performances by some of the nation’s favourite musicians, including Umair Jaswal, Sounds of Kolachi, Natasha Baig, Khamaaj, Abid Brohi, Naeem Abbas Rufi, and a lot more. Rest assured, prepare to have your minds blown by this all-in-one extravaganza that lets you have loads of fun, with a lot of responsibility on the side.

We’re sure you are tempted enough to be a part of this eco-friendly festival, which will be open for the general public at Beach View Park, Clifton from Friday, 5 April to Sunday 7 April, 4 pm to 11 pm. So, without further ado, get your tickets from or head over to the festival and get your hands on them on ground for Rs. 350. It is a families-only event, so you and your loved ones can all enjoy to the max.


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