‘Army training makes you learn about yourself’ Syra


Syra Yousuf shared her experience of doing special Army training for her drama serial ‘Sinf-e-Ahan‘, currently on air at ARY Digital.

Speaking to BBC Urdu, Syra said it was an exceptional experience of Army training as it taught her a lot of things about herself.

“I think everybody should do Army training as it teaches you a lot of things about yourself. It was tough but it worth full,” she shared.

“Army training helps you in lot of ways. It makes you learn about yourself and more importantly surroundings,” she continued.

While intervening into the chat, Syra’s co-star and social media sensation Dananeer Mobeen, who is making her acting debut in Sinf-e-Ahan, shared that their training for the drama was not event half of what actual cadets do.

“Army training is too tough and we didn’t even do half of what actual credits do. I think they are the real heroes,” she said.

Meanwhile, Dananeer talked about her acting debut and working with already known names in the drama. “Acting wasn’t something I planned earlier. It just came to me and I grabbed the opportunity,” she shared.

“It was like a dream, working with people who I have admired for my whole life. I mean Syra, Yumna, Sajal, Ramsha, they all were inspiration for me. So, I really enjoyed working with them,” the emerging actor concluded.

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