‘We don’t have scripts that can match Netflix content’ Anwar Maqsood


Anwar Maqsood shared his two cents on why Pakistani content has been failed to get an identity on OTT platforms like Netflix.

Speaking to BBC Urdu, Maqsood said Pakistani content lacks good scripts which is surely one of the main reasons for its decline.

“Every channel needs three dramas per week at any cost. So, you can analyze the quality,” he said. “Pakistani actors are doing good work, producers and directors are also doing good but we don’t have scripts that can match international standards,” he added.

Maqsood also believes that the current situation of Pakistan also has a huge impact on things getting worst in the country.

“Before raising the standard of our content, there is a need to put our country back on the right track. Because when your country’s situation is not good, how things happening inside can be good,” the writer concluded.

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