‘Mai bhi ro raha hota exams ko leke’ Asim lends support to students


Asim Azhar put weight behind cancellation/postponement of nationwide examination following uncertainty in the academic process due to COVID-19.

Taking to Twitter, the singer said students have been disturbed due to opening and closing of schools depending on the COVID-19 situation.

“Students have really been disturbed due to the ongoing pandemic causing the institutes to close/open again & again. I personally know some students that haven’t been able to complete their syllabus as well. Please kuch karain aur bacho ka saath dai,” he wrote.

“I understand your stress & pain guys. Agar abhi music nahi kar raha hota tou mai bhi ro raha hota exams ko leke iss waqt, so I understand. And I am sure Shafqat Mahmood will stand with the youth & find the best solution possible, InshaAllah,” he added. 

Moreover, Asim stressed more on the postponement of exams instead of cancellation. “I just wanna know, if the exams aren’t canceled, would you guys still be happy if they’re postponed? So everyone can get more time to prepare?” he asked.

It must be noted here that students across the country have demanded the cancellation of exams due to disturbance throughout the academic year due to COVID-19. Educational institutions were shut down completely twice during last year.

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