With their controversial #MeToo case proceedings still going on, Ali Zafar took to Twitter today to threaten Iffat Omar over how he has video proof of the actress harassing an older colleague on camera and urged her to stop her bullying tactics if she doesn’t want him to release the footage.

“It has come to my knowledge that Ms. Iffat Omar who was “found guilty” in the FIA’s report for smear against me and is on camera admitting harassing an older colleague, has been calling up publications not to post court proceedings and organisers not to hire me. Enough is enough,” he started off in a Twitter thread.

“I have been quiet for almost 5 years for your uncalled-for & uncivil behaviour, bullying & harassment tactics because I respect your husband & family but if you don’t stop, I will post all your videos you were confronted with in court along with other stuff that’s part of record,” he added.

He then went on to talk about how Iffat’s actions have caused distress to his family, especially mentioning his father and how he helped the actress during university days.

“It seems like you have nothing better to do in life than to slander and bully people and talk utter non sense. But times have changed. Bullies will no longer be given any space to intimidate others specially journalists and cause such social negativity. You should be ashamed of yourself of causing distress to the women in my family & my father; your fav teacher in PU, also a cancer survivor. Someone who protected u from harassment in Uni. If you had any decency you would come & meet him and ask him the truth of the matter,” he continued.

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Concluding the Twitter thread, Ali mentioned how the one person they’ve been supporting is supposedly lying in court. “They just can’t handle the fact that the person they vouched for and fought for blindly was caught lying in court. Now how do they save face. All the activism down the drain,” he wrote.
This started off a chain of back-and-forth tweets between the two, read them below.

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