Syra Yousuf and Shahroz Sabzwari starrer Babylicious just dropped its soundtrack and it has turned out to be a delightful collection of songs that take listeners on an emotional journey through love, heartbreak, and joy. Each track brings its unique flavor to the album, creating a cohesive musical experience that captivates from start to finish.

Opening the album is “Ussay Jee Raha Hoon,” a dreamy and soulful song that transports listeners to a world of romantic bliss. The lyrics, beautifully delivered by Sherry Khattak and Maria Unera, evoke the feeling of confessing one’s love to a long-time crush and discovering that the feeling is mutual. With its melodious background score and an overall feel-good vibe, this track sets a pleasant and uplifting tone for the rest of the album.

Following suit, “Ranjhay Ko Na De Saza” takes a melancholic turn, exploring the complexities of a fading relationship. Asad Rasheed’s heartfelt rendition captures the sense of turmoil and confusion experienced by a couple on the verge of separation. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of two individuals grappling with the impending end of their love, making this track a poignant and emotionally charged addition to the soundtrack.

“Alvida” continues the theme of longing and farewell, delving deeper into the despair of bidding goodbye to someone dear. Richie Robinson’s soul-stirring performance enhances the sense of hopelessness conveyed by the lyrics. This song becomes a heartfelt ode to the pain of parting, resonating with listeners who have experienced the heartache of an inevitable goodbye.

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Breaking the melancholic spell, “Mann Ranjhan” brings a lighthearted and melodious tune to the album. Nauman Shafi and Rehma Ali’s vocals breathe life into the lyrics, telling a story of rediscovered love and rejuvenation. The track paints a picture of a person who thought they had lost someone dear, only to find them back in their life, rekindling their joy and transforming their world. With its pleasant and radiant vibe, this track becomes a beacon of positivity on the soundtrack.

Closing the album on a high note is “Ghazab Kurriye,” a celebratory and energetic track that brings the joyous spirit of a wedding and a happy ending. Jonita Gandhi and Ahmed Jahanzeb infuse the song with infectious enthusiasm, igniting the desire to dance and celebrate. The lyrics add to the festive atmosphere, with references to the desire to be united in love. This track concludes the album with a burst of jolly fun and leaves listeners with a smile on their faces.

Overall, the Babylicious soundtrack, produced by Adrian David Emmanuel & Kashan Admani, offers a captivating musical experience that encompasses a range of emotions. You can check out the tracks on YouTube.


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