After leaving all her fans wanting more every week with her performance in drama serial Tere Bin, Yumna Zaidi is gearing up to make a remarkable transition to the big screen, marking her debut with a sports drama titled Nayab.

According to Express Tribune, Zaidi expressed her enthusiasm while acknowledging the need for careful navigation between different mediums, in an interview with Independent Urdu. She emphasized the significance of her debut film, stating, “I am thrilled and conscious of the fact that this is my first venture into cinema.” Although she currently feels neither nervous nor anxious about the film, she anticipates that the excitement may become overwhelming as the release date draws near.

Zaidi’s role in the film deviates from the traditional archetype expected of an actor’s debut. When asked about portraying a “typical heroine” in the future, she responded, “I will take on such a role when I come across a script that truly merits it. If you observe my work in television, you’ll see that I have embraced a multitude of genres and characters. In fact, I believe I have explored a wider range than any other actor in the industry. My past and present projects are full of diverse storylines, and I intend to maintain the same approach for my film career.”

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Discussing her character in the movie, Zaidi revealed that Nayab is a fearless young woman driven by an unwavering passion. She also mentioned the presence of rivalries within the film. “I am certain that not only will people enjoy the movie, but they will also connect with my character,” she stated.

According to the director, Umair Nasir Ali, Nayab will be a family film. “Nayab is not just a film about cricket. It is a family film which has people from all walks of life. It is more than just a good sports movie; it features social themes, the family dynamics of Pakistani society, and ambitions of a young girl. A mixture of these themes makes it more entertaining and compelling,” he said.

The film is slated for release later this year.


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