Asim Azhar is currently busy touring in the US and performing for fans far and wide. However, some of his fans back home still carry toxic mindsets and have resorted to body shaming the singer in the comment section of his latest pictures from the tour.

Yesterday, Asim took to Instagram to post a range of photos from one of his sold out shows, wearing casual baggy clothes on-stage. “What a weekend, Houston and Dallas, I love you guys so much. Back-to-back sold-out shows. I had a lot of fun! Seattle, see you next! And then, it’s time for home!” he wrote in the caption.

Check out the post below.


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Soon after, a plethora of fans took to body-shame and fat-shame the singer, making unnecessary remarks and comments on his appearance. Check some of the out below.

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After this unnecessary display of constant toxicity, Asim took to his Instagram stories to share a bunch of pictures wearing fitted clothes, clapping back at the body-shamers and how displaying how he didn’t really gain weight but was actually wearing loose clothes.

“Is this okay?” he wrote on the picture. “Or this?” he wrote on another. “Should I stop wearing baggy clothes then?” he further asked in a blank story.

High time we let other people be, but when will our general audience understand that?


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