‘Colgate Pakistan’ that has been harping on the strength and gum health proposition, invites you to witness the adventure in their new fun-filled animated video ‘Tooth Defenders.’ The video features two cartoon dentists ‘Dr. Rabbit’ and ‘Dr. Brushwell’ who have mentored a group of children to become Tooth Defenders. They are super fierce (and super cute) as they brush, rinse, and fight with ‘Don Cavity’ and his evil monsters of germs. Together, the team undertakes a mission and succeeds in protecting Tooth City from the sugary villain and his sticky schemes.

‘Tooth Defenders’ introduces children to the tools they require to make good oral health a permanent part of their lives. It inspires kids to take control and how to brush their teeth correctly, i.e., from using the right amount of toothpaste to changing a toothbrush after every three months to brushing for two minutes two times a day. It aims to bring about a habit change at the grassroots level in Pakistan.

What’s interesting is the fact that Colgate connects with kids in a language that they understand. Children love to watch cartoons. Similarly, animated videos are as powerful as cartoons. Kids are visual learners, and the maximum amount of information transmitted to the brain is visual. ‘Tooth Defenders’ uses cartoon characters as the communication vehicle that makes it novel and exciting and sparks their interest from the word go. The kids have definitely found a new superhero in the Tooth Defenders, and there is no denying that kids LOVE superheroes.

Colgate’ Tooth Defenders’ teaches children good oral health practices, focuses on prevention, and builds self-esteem to become lifelong Tooth Defenders. Children who establish good oral hygiene habits at a young age are more likely to continue excellent brushing and flossing as adults, experience far fewer dental problems throughout life, maintain a positive self-image, and perform better in school.

Watch the adventurous mission of Tooth Defenders in this super fun video here!


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