‘I don’t take criticism on Yasir seriously’ Iqra Aziz


Iqra Aziz said social media criticism on her husband Yasir Hussain does not matter to her as those people don’t know him more than an actor.

Speaking to Something Haute, Iqra said her relation with Yasir is very open and they give each other a lot of space.

“I don’t take social media criticism on Yasir seriously as I know those people don’t know him personally. For them, he is just an actor or a social media influencer and nothing else,” he said.

“See, Yasir has supported me throughout and never questioned my any decision so how can I. I would never tell him to not do this or that on social media, it’s his choice and he can deal with it quite well,” she replied when asked about jumping into the criticism to defend her husband.

It must be noted here that Yasir often gets into online controversies which sometimes held him into immense criticism.

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