Depression, a heavily stigmatised word for most, is like a huge rock that exists but is mostly ignored by bystanders. One would think that after bearing the news of Anam Tanoli’s suicide not too long ago, people would start taking mental illness seriously. But meaningful conversation in this society is only a fleeting practice.

Tuesday morning was a monumental tragedy as Rushaan Farrukh, 24, succumbed under the weight of this illness and allegedly committed suicide. The student reportedly jumped off the fourth floor of her university building, striking a wave of sympathetic advances in the country. This untimely departure has given rise to people talking about mental health once again, but who knows how long this will last.

Quite often, there’s a negative stereotype associated with mental illness. Especially in this society, where religious people feel obligated to tell everyone to turn to prayers for their problems, or where cries-for-help are dismissed as attention-seeking tactics. Trying to understand your own mental health can be difficult in and of itself, but open conversation about it should be immensely encouraged.

Giving people assurance that you’ll be there for them is a small step on the long road to prosperity. One may think talking about it is trivial, but it is a consequential in a society that considers illnesses like depression a taboo. Influential people should benefit from the platform they’re on and use it to promote healthy discussion about mental illness, and how to combat it. This unfortunate incident has already urged some celebrities to bring this concern to light.

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Eik or khudkushi Isi tarha log humari zindagion se kam houtey chaley jayeinge or hum bus hum main yaani kay apne under he reh jayeinge … kabhi doosraon ki bhe sunien doosraon ko bhe ahmiyat dien apne ird gird nazar daalien apni hasii kay peechey khare logaon kay udaas chehraon pay Zara ghor tou kerien zaroori nahi phatey puraney kapraon main hi udasi ya depression hai zaberdast libas k peechey bhe depression hou sakta hai … insan ko apne depression ka kabhi kabhi khud se nahi pata lagta lekin ird gird kay logaon ko zaroor pata lag jata hai Haaww is ko dekho her waqt roti rehti hai haaww is ko dekho kitna ajeeb post lakhti hai Jesé saarey gham isi k saath houn Haaww isko dekho ye itni anti social hai Haaww yaar ye kion bin bulaye ajati hai her waqt apna udaas chehra liye Yaar ye lagta hai Kuch kehna chahti hai yaar please is sey tou door hi raho Chahay woh koi makeup artist hou male ya female ya koi ENG ka banda ya koi audio wala zaroori nahi kay hum actors ko he dekhein main apni field kay ilawa bhe baat kerri hun sab important hain respectfull hain Khuda kay liye nahi pata kon Kis situation se guzer raha hou please please please is ko mazak na lien or usko guide kerien kay … uski help kerien achey dost achey bhai achi behen achey husband achey wife houney neighbors houney ka suboot dein usko leke jaye phsychiatrist kay pass ignore na kerien importance dien … apne under se bahar ayein …. warna isi tarha log jatey rahienge or hum gham khatey rahienge …

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Albeit a small gesture, it holds tremendous importance. Encouraging someone to reach out in troublesome times, or to provide a safe space for the youth to express their woes, paves the way to deal with this safely. You never know how much somebody is striving to cope, or what impact just a few kind words or reassurance can have on a struggling soul.


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