‘I am craving to see myself on big screen’ says Mahira


Mahira Khan talked about her appearance on big screen as three of her films awaits release.

Speaking to BBC, Mahira said she really craves to see herself on big screen.

“I’m actually craving, like I told you, I want to see all of us on the big screen again. So, Quaid e Azam Zindabad releases on Bakra Eid, so next Eid. And, Neelofar, you’ll have to ask Mr [Fawad] Khan, he’s the producer. And Maula Jatt, let’s not even go there,” the Superstar actor said.

“I swear, I’m cursed. I feel like every film I’m doing is going into the Bermuda Traingle,” she said.

While talking about her future endeavours, Mahira said she has a lot in the box. “I want to be able to make movies, or anything, actually. I want to be able to direct. There are things that I want to direct. Should we just go all out and say that we would like to be on the Oscars stage? Why not? Let’s manifest it. An Oscar, a film that will win, what’s the highest award at Cannes? Yeah, that. The team’s ready. A BAFTA,” she shared.


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