‘Its completely original’ Kanika responds to Hadiqa’s copyright claim


Indian singer Kanika Kapoor denied copyright claims on her recently released song Buhe Bariyan.

In response to plagiarism claims made by Pakistani singer Hadiqa Kiani, Kapoor said her version of Buhe Bariyan is completely different from that of Hadiqa’s.

“Anyone who goes and listens to the song will know that it is an original song, from antras to everything,” the Indian singer told an Indian publication.

“We have not copy-pasted any old folk song. We used two lines as inspiration. It is very unfair to the writer Kunwar Juneja and Shruti Rane who composed this new song. Also, it is unfair to me if anybody says that I am trying to steal someone’s work,” she added.

While responding the backlash she is receiving, the singer said she feels bad about it.

“I have received a lot of nasty messages. It is sad to see people jump to conclusions without really knowing something,” she concluded.

Earlier, Hadiqa claimed that Buhe Bariyan under the banner of Saregama India was a rendition of her 90s’ hit song Bohe Baariyan. The Pakistani singer announced to take legal action against the Indian singer and music company.


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